intercharge ETICKET

Your path to greenhouse gas reduction quota

The transportation sector today is responsible for one fifth of the total CO2 emissions produced. To change this, we must focus on sustainable solutions.

intercharge ETICKET

How it works

Starting at the beginning of 2022, public Charging Point Operators will be able to apply for a greenhouse gas reduction quota (GHG), whose aim is to increase cost of fossil energies and reallocate the funding to the use of renewables. In partnership with ZusammenStromen, Hubject announces an additional service making the application smooth and simple: intercharge ETICKET

Simplify your application for the GHG quota


Your Charge Detail Records (CDRs) from the intercharge platform will be the fundament for your application


Our experts will take care of reporting to the Federal Environment Agency


Hubject and ZusammenStromen will coordinate your application without any additional effort on your side


As a CPO you will receive a monthly financial reimbursement for every kWh sold for consumption

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